Posted by Robert Baxter on Feb 27th 2024

The Best Hot Tub Brand to Consider for Your Home Spa

A blissful man relaxes with his eyes closed in a rustic outdoor hot tub

Adding a high-quality hot tub to your home spa is a luxurious way to reduce your stress. It can even boost your health and improve your overall quality of life. Plus, they add an air of elegance to any indoor or outdoor spa.

Is it time to elevate your space with the class and sophistication of a new hot tub?

If you’re ready to update your Atlanta-area home spa, it can be difficult to know where to start. The market is saturated with models with a range of features, from advanced jet technology to customizable LED lights. In this blog, we’ll feature our top hot tub brand and list its highlights.

Let’s sink in, relax, and explore the best hot tub brand on the market!

Marquis: The Most Reliable Hot Tub Brand

Our pick for the best hot tub brand is Marquis, an award-winning brand that has been manufacturing superlative hot tubs since the 1980s. This innovative company has kept up with the latest trends in technology and design.

Marquis models are consistently top-of-the-line, with the highest water quality in the industry. The cleaning schedule is completely customizable. This provides a sense of control and peace of mind you won’t find from other brands.

Here are the features that set Marquis hot tubs apart from other brands available in the Atlanta area:

  • Eco-friendly: In the age of climate change, prioritizing eco-friendly consumer products is an obvious choice. Marquis hot tub models feature advanced energy-saving technology. As a result, their models are some of the most efficient and planet-friendly on the market.
  • Bluetooth Functionality: Who wants to get out of the hot tub to adjust water temperature and jet intensity? With Bluetooth functionality, you can control those settings and more from a smartphone or tablet. It’s easy, intuitive, and fully customizable for your comfort.
  • LED Lighting: Submerged LED lighting adds a colorful, ambient element to your hot tub or spa. LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, requiring very little maintenance over the life of your hot tub. Choose your favorite color, or give relaxing chromotherapy a try.

Marquis Hot Tubs and “The Big 3”

Marquis boasts three spectacular design features that ensure their models consistently stand out when compared to the competition. We refer to these features as “The Big 3.”

These features are:

  1. High-Flow Therapy: A high volume of water at a low pressure ensures extreme relaxation and deep muscle penetration.
  2. Constantclean+: Your hot tub will remain spotless with automatic hot tub filtering. Advanced sanitizing technology will keep your hot tub tidy without any extra effort from you.
  3. Microsilk®: Marquis is the pioneer in using Microsilk® technology. This tech adds microbubbles to your hot tub’s stream. This extra oxygen delivers skincare benefits like exfoliation and detoxification while you relax.

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