Why buy an Olhausen pool table?


Accu-Fast Cushions
Accu-Fast Cushions are formulated from a pure gum rubber base containing none of the cheaper clay or silica fillers inherent in the import cushions used by other manufactures. This ensures that Accu-Fast will outplay and outlast the competition. Accu-Fast is formed to a true K-66 face profile which has been the industry standard for over 100 years. The cushions are canvas-backed for permanent bonding to the rail and are the only cushions that are 100% surface bonded to the rail. All Accu-Fast Cushions are 100% American Made and are the only cushions backed with a true Lifetime Warranty.

T-Nut Construction
A T-Nut/slate bolt combination is the best way to anchor rail assemblies to slate. A T-Nut is a threaded metal tube with a unique collar at the top that has been punched to form claws. After the sub-rails are drilled, T-Nuts are pressed into the holes from the top to set them in place. This sub-rail/T-Nut assembly is then securely attached to the bottom of the top rail creating the unique Olhausen 2-pieces rail.

Uniliner Frame Construction
Uniliner construction is what gives Olhausen pool tables their superior strength. Olhausen frames were tested by Weyerhaeuser International Testing Laboratories in Seattle, WA. Olhausen’s unique construction method created frames that withstood pressures that exceeded 25,000 lbs. (12 tons).

Factory Pre-Assembled Frame
Unlike the majority of competitor’s tables, Olhausen frames are factory pre-assembled. All are pre-leveled and squared for precise and easy installation. Of course when necessary, Olhausen frames can be disassembled to accommodate difficult installations.

K.D. Apron Bracket
The K.D. apron bracket is designed to simplify the installation of the apron to the rail eliminating unsightly screw or nail holes. Additionally the bracket method is stronger than screws, staples or finish nails, and permits easy replacement of an apron when necessary. Because of this simple and quick attachment system, Olhausen aprons are an optional design feature which allows you to offer your guest greater latitude in creating a unique package.

Genuine Slate
Olhausen uses three-piece, oversized Genuine Slate on all their pool tables. The Slate is diamond-honed and polished to create a smooth, flat playing surface. Each piece is checked three times before it leaves the factory. Slate is used because it is dense, but pliable, and will ensure a dead flat playing surface.

Lumber Selection
Olhausen uses only the best materials available in their tables. They do not cut corners. But when it comes to wood, they go the extra mile. Olhausen hires people who have spent their entire lives in the wood industry and are considered experts. In the purchasing department these people work closely with mills all over the United States, not only to ensure the best prices, but to find the best quality available at the time.

Catalyzed Varnish Finish
Olhausen uses a six-step Catalyzed Varnish Finishing Process. Catalyzed Varnish is an acetone-based finish, which is a fine furniture finish that provides enduring beauty. Catalyzed Varnish provides excellent scratch, chip and yellowing resistance, as well as protection from humidity and moisture. Olhausen also employs the use of an Ultraviolet (“UV”) finish line that automatically sands and sprays all rails, lending durability, consistency and efficiency to production. This entire “UV” finishing is accomplished by means of slate-of-the-art machinery costing over a half million dollars. It is the hardest and most durable finish used in the billiard industry today, and it exceeds the toughest E.P.A. requirements.
Lifetime Warranty
Olhausen Billiards has the best warranty in the billiard industry... hands down! Click here to see Olhausen's Lifetime Warranty.

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