Posted by Robert Baxter on Apr 3rd 2024

Pool Table Size Guide: What Size Pool Table Can I Fit?

A father helps his son play pool.

You’re finally ready to bite the bullet and buy your own pool table—but how do you know if your pool table will fit? Do you measure a room for a pool table or the pool table for the room? What sizes of pool tables are available?

We’re here to answer all your questions and help you shop with confidence. After all, a pool table is a large investment. The appropriate size of a pool table is entirely dependent on your room size and personal preference. We’ll explain how to measure your room, the various pool table sizes, and how much space you’ll need for each.

Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables come in a range between 6 and 12 feet long. Standard pool table size is 9 feet long, while snooker tables are 12 feet long. Most home pool tables are a more petite size at 8 feet. Most of our pool tables are available in 7 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet pro, and 9 feet tournament lengths.

If you’re a visual learner, you might find this pool table size chart from Olhausen helpful.

Measuring Room Size for a Pool Table

When measuring your space for a pool table, it’s important to take multiple factors into consideration. Making room for pool must include the playing area, of course. You also need to think about the length of your cues, room for back swing, and some extra comfort space. As an equation, this looks like:

Playing area + cue length + 6 inches for back swing + comfort space = the minimum dimensions required for a pool table.

If calculations aren’t your speed, this pool table room size calculator does all the math for you.

Billiards players with smaller spaces who insist on owning their own table have a few options. You can either use shorter cues (48” or 52” instead of the standard 58”) or buy a smaller table. You don’t have to sacrifice on style, though; even our luxury pool tables come in a smaller 7 foot size.

Choosing the Right Size Pool Table

Now that you know how to do the math, the choice of pool table is up to you! If you’re an avid or professional player outside the home, you may prefer a standard, pro, or tournament sized pool table. Amateurs and even some professionals may just want a pool table at home. Your personal table is totally up to you and the level of play you hope to achieve.

Whatever size table you choose, we guarantee the highest quality products and service at The Man Cave Store. Our dedication to quality and our customer experience has been upheld for over 30 years. Shop in-store or online today and start making memories with your family and friends. We offer free essentials and free white glove delivery with the purchase of any pool table over $3,000.

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