Pool table buyers guide

For many pool table shoppers, the experience of shopping for a new pool table can be a little tricky. So I created this guide to help people like you navigate the maze of true and not so true information you will encounter. My purpose is to also help you realize the dream of owning a quality pool table that will last your family for generations. In the guide, you'll learn what tp look for when shopping for your new pool table such as:
  • Not trying out a pool table
  • Not comparing pool table technology
  • Assuming that all pool table cushions are created equal
  • Putting too much emphasis in online reviews or purchasing online
  • Buying the feature and not the benefit
  • Selecting the wrong size pool table
  • Purchasing just a "STOCK" pool table
  • Not protecting your pool table from yourself
  • Purchasing just one piece of the puzzle
  • Purchasing based on name recognition only
  • And the worst mistake of all - Purchasing on price only
Download the guide today and get ready to arm yourself with the knowledge to make an informed choice.